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Yesterday I had an amazing conversation with my father. A fascinating man in his own right, the conversation was another testament of it.  My father, who is quite an expert on Russian poetry declared Marina Tsvetayeva (whom I'm researching this month) is the greatest Russian poet of the 20th century.  An amazing statement as I always assumed he'd designate this title to his favourite poet, who is Joseph Brodsky (If we were doing the "amazing men" list, I might put him on there).  My dad told me Marina's entire biography, with all the beauty that colours what this incredible poet achieved in her short lifetime, against the backdrop of intense political turmoil, WWI, the Russian revolution, exile, starvation, WWII, and Stalinism (which killed her family and I guess her too. She killed herself in 1941).  I could have read any one of the numerous books about her life, but hearing it from my dad (who also survived Stalinism, when some of his family didn't) made for an engrossing, devastating story.  He also mentioned something interesting and I trust him considering he's read many of her biographies - he said the best biography that exists on Tsvetayeva is her daughter's. Word of Mouth - I highly recommend it!

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